The allure of gold is a curious one! In many societies, gold is money. Even in American history gold was money until 1932 and it backed our currency until 1971. Today, even though it is not considered a US monetary metal, the desire to own gold is stronger than ever. Due to its rarity and long history as money, gold remains the backbone of global trade.

If times get tough, gold is one of the easiest commodities to loan money on. Whether it is in the form of bullion, broken jewelry or a sentimental piece handed down from a loved one, we will loan on or buy your gold at top dollar.

Two stacks of Canadian maple leaf coins Sliver bars and coins Variety of gold jewelry

Not sure if your items are real gold or what they are worth? Come by Texas Pawn & Jewelry and let one of our team members assist you. Our team has the ability to test your items to determine if the gold is real. We can then work with you to value your items and provide you with a quick loan or purchase the items from you.

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